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Hello my name mark Thomas i born flushing new york city i growing up my childhood to my teen years i never have friend's 


Guests characters for overwatch.
Overwatch one is best multiplayer games with incredible gameplay,heroes with personalities I play the game it was good in December 2016 the game awards then I see trailer bulletstorm:full clip edition was badass one of my favorite 2011 shooting game's in remastered after title gone I see duke nukem in game I never play duke games I think was beauty cool……
Meanwhile after that I have idea what if doomguy in overwatch it amazing doom slayer in world of overwatch rip and tears heroes and map of hell,mars and UAC Base…:
Soon after that idea I was thinking why one guest why not 12 guest characters heroes 
  • Serious Sam
  • Ishi sato
  • Faith Connors
  • Kerrigan
  • Doomguy
  • Dante 
  • Predator
  • Axton the commando
  • Lara croft 
  • Quiet
  • Anya Stroud
  • Aiden Pearce
Finally I bring this idea come to life I creation petition on ipetition…
With your help we ask creators and company make this DLC happened plus it free with guest characters we have
  • Maps
  • Skin's
  • Characters interaction with other video game characters
  • Possibly a crossover comic
What you waiting for go to ipetition sign petition for this and share information on Facebook,tumble,Twitter, Instagram, amino,YouTube and other.
Hello last month January I creation and Ipetition both of them have 0 sign to make

star vs loud universe it a crossovers with different show from cn,nick and Disney I known company and creator protect show under copyright but with your help make this crossover happened and all three theme mash up with hero by jam project in it.

What it about.
First:louds go on vacation to country sideThe Loud House - Lincoln Loud Icon 
second:gems go fine old blue diamond base Crystal Gems Emote 2 
Third:star and some her friends travel to country Happy Star icon 

Some after Steven,Lincoln and star met hit off and go on adventure to blue diamond old base and other crystals gems and star Buddy's hangout each other then ludo fine warp pad fine corrupted gems free them Hunt down star and gem's it up to Steven,star and Lincoln with new fusion hero save day 

This episode a hour Long or three parts each 11 minutes with musicians in it 

With your help we make first cn,Disney,nick crossover in cartoon history the 10,000 goal it Lot's but share this on Facebook, Instagram, tumblr, Twitter and deviantart with use #svlu spread words people signed this petition and wide we do that about we fun this idea this no content this is next rise of brave tangle dragon or something make some a fanart,comic,fan fiction or amv on YouTube and draw fusions of each characters form three show like peridot and Lisa or Marco and preal or maybe ponyhead,amethyst and Luna

I hope this crossover be spectacular if crossover won't happing still use have fun with fanart,comic and more

And Thank.……
Sonic boom adventure
Eggman form modern universe create machine power by chaos emerald to traveled to another universe Sonic stop eggman machine but the machine suck both of them in boom universe then Sonic meet sonic (boom) and group help modern Sonic get to he universe two eggman team up with help metal sonic,fang,scourge,eclipse and army of nocturnus clan it up to both sonic stop both eggman take over both universe

It like boom game rise of lyise and fire & ice mix with adventure, heroes, sonic 06,more and 2d platformers form past sonic games classic to adventure episode.

Co-op. Mode:
Fighter mode:

It all canon
Hello my name mark Thomas i born flushing new york city i growing up my childhood to my teen years i never have friend's 




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